waiting for some new activities or ideas from you

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waiting for some new activities or ideas from you

Post  clare on Fri Sep 02, 2011 5:55 pm

Smile This term I will prepare a show lesson to share with other English teachers of our school, even though I’m teaching the senior 4. I decide to do this voluntarily because I want to share the new teaching ways with other teachers.

We are required to give the class with PPT. Now I have some ideas about how to begin the class with a game “Simon says” and in the teaching procedures I will use some “thinking maps”Such as bubble map tree map flow map

My problem is I hope all my teachers here can give me some help about the games or activities that can be organized easily in my teaching for I really want to make my show class special.

Thanks in advance!


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Great Start

Post  davidst46530 on Mon Sep 26, 2011 10:37 pm

I like reading about how you will apply some interesting ideas to get your students to become active.

your lesson may include a picture or cartoon at the beginning. Many do. You might look at the picture and find several people or animals. Ask some students to pretend they are a certain one, play a role. Have them talk about the scene as ghat person would.

The picture or cartoon usually, almost always, includes examples of what will be taught in the unit or lesson. This will give them a chance to start using what will be taught. It will be a way to make the learning meaningful by beginning with questions. Use the picture to create curiosity.

Keep the bookmark in your hand as you plan!

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