simon says--a game in classroo teaching

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simon says--a game in classroo teaching

Post  clare on Sat Aug 27, 2011 10:31 pm

Simon says
This morning, i tried a game that Mr Jack taught us, that is simon says.
I made some changes because there are about sixty students in my class. It’s too big and hard to control. Second the students here are shy and don’t have a good English basis. They don’t many words even though they are senior4.
First, I wrote some verbs on the black board: jump, touch put up put down turn aroud…..
And show them what the meanings of these phrases
Second, some nouns: nose, eyes, ears, mouth, hands head, hair …..
Also make sure they are clear about the meanings
Third, I showed them how to do it while saying: “simon says touch you nose” and I touch my own nose. And then said : “ touch your face” I didn’t touch my face.
After they knew the rule of the game we played the game together by standing up and sitting
down. Later, some volunteers came to the front of the classroom and I gave them the instruction, others looked and laughed.
This is the beginning of my English class. The purposes are to make students move and think in English. And later I found it works, because in the following teaching and learning, they were very active. One point is I gave all the class in English and they can understand me. So I think it is a good way to start a dull class.
Thanks and hope to hear more ideas about classroom teaching!



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