things you can use online or printed out for FREE :)

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things you can use online or printed out for FREE :)

Post  Kaylene on Thu Apr 12, 2012 2:54 pm

Hi, friends,

I have found (and used a little bit) a website that if full of good, free resources for your and your students.

go to:

it has general fun types of activities that you can use when writing lesson plans, but also has specific resources in focused areas of vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.

there are worksheets and other tools for Teachers to print out and use with their students. There are also free quizzes and games you or your students can use online to improve/practice your English outside of class. and under some headings, there are even whole lesson plans tied to specific topics; you might be able to borrow some ideas from these when planning your own lessons!

I hope you might have a little time to check out this website--you can find something that will help make your class more enjoyable.

~~Miss Kaylene~~


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