movie clips according to a class topic

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movie clips according to a class topic

Post  Kaylene on Wed Apr 11, 2012 12:01 pm

Hi, everyone,

I wanted to tell you about a website I have used in my own teaching. It is:

You can look up clips from a particular movie if there is one you know and like, or you can look up movie clips that are related to specific topics you be discussing in your class with your students from a textbook or passage.

For example, maybe your grammar focus in one middle school lesson is structures for giving advice to other people. When the webpage comes up, you can see 'advice' in the subject column on the left side and there are 25 short movie clips that are all connected to giving advice in some way. You can watch some of those clips and you may find one that is a good example for your Ss to have different and authentic language input as you introduce the lesson or do further practice later. If your classroom has an internet connection, you can watch it directly with your Ss in the class, or you can download the clip and save it to your own disc or PPT.

A few things I like about this website are:
* Most of the movie clips are quite short, so you could show them more than once to the Ss without using a lot of class time
* The website is run by Christian people, so if any of the movies have bad words or other bad things, those words and things have been cut out and you will not show your Ss something bad
* It is well organized and easy to find clips according to a topic you are interested in.
* the movies credits are always given, so downloading and using these clips is completely legal by international laws

One challenge--there are not any subtitles available (English or Chinese), but short clips are still a good listening challenge for you and your students!

~~Miss Kaylene~~


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