Use short stories to grab your student's interest

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Use short stories to grab your student's interest

Post  Kaylene on Fri Apr 06, 2012 4:10 pm

I just found a website that gave me a fun idea:

If you go to this page, you will find a number of very short stories that use some simple English. You could print out such a story and use it in a PPT or worksheet. For younger children, it could be a good challenge as a reading passage. For older children, it could be a fun way to introduce a topic in a class or take a short break if they were getting tired in a lesson. And if you have students who really like to read, you can tell them to go webpages like this when they have time on the computer, to practice reading in English.

Though there are only a small number of stories listed here, it reminds me that any time we can use stories in our classes or in the homework for our students, it helps to make the lesson more interesting and memorable. So, if you find other websites with good English stories, why not share them with us? (If I find more, I'll try to share them! :])

This website, Really Learn English, contains some other ideas for creative English teaching and study. Have fun exploring it!

--Miss Kaylene


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