All About Attitude, Part 2

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All About Attitude, Part 2

Post  Kaylene on Fri Mar 16, 2012 12:58 pm

Last week, I posted some thoughts about the attitude of the teacher in the success of English teaching.

However, as we say in English--"It takes two to tango." In this case, the idiom would mean: It is not enough for the teacher to change his/her attitude about the English class; the students must also recognize if they have a good or poor attitude about learning English and they must want to change their attitude if it is poor.

As the teacher, we can do a lot of things to try to make our class topics interesting and meaningful, to teach with energy, and to encourage our students to enjoy English communication. Yet, there are also times when we cannot force our students to have a good attitude about what we are doing. Part of the issue is connected to how many Asian people view change, the self, and what they can and cannot control. Most Asian people (including our students) may not know or believe that they can do anything about the circumstances of their life (没办法), so they just think they have to do what their mother or teacher or other leader tells them to do, but they are not happy about it.

While it is true that we cannot always control or change our circumstances in life, it is true that we can be responsible for our own personal attitude. If we can teach our students that they can learn how to say in their hearts, "I know my life situation is not easy and I cannot control a lot of things, but today, I CHOOSE to go on and improve myself and my English!", this kind of positive attitude and self-talk can help them to overcome so many challenges.

If you don't believe me, just look at the man who created Crazy English! Smile

--Miss Kaylene


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